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Connect Groups

CONNECT – is a vehicle for finding Christ’s presence within the members of our parish family. Groups focus on prayer, socialization, and explore a faith related topic that promotes self-discovery, builds a spirit of community, and encourages participants to continue to grow in their ability to share their faith with others. Connect groups will be places where the Church feels more intimate because of its small group environment. It is where an individual can be led to discover the unique nature of their call to discipleship, and where we can meet on common ground to relax and enjoy one another as much as to both care for and let ourselves be cared for by one another. HOW TO FIND A GROUP: Using the search drop downs below or by searching for a specific name of a group. CAN'T FIND IT? If you can't find a group or you need assistance in looking please contact us at FORM YOUR OWN GROUP If you're interesting in being a CONNECT group leader please contact Michael Mullink, or at 678-960-0067.